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Imran Khan Diet and fitness Secrets

Imran Khan Diet and fitness Secrets

Apart from acting Imran is famous among the youth for his chocolate boy good looks and a lean and fit body. He has only 7% of body fat equivalent to many top international athletes. He inspires the youth to achieve a fit and healthy physique without going overboard on dieting and workout.


Imran Khan workout routine is very simple and yes a good workout routine to follow. Let’s have look at Imran Khan workout routine of a week and his diet plan that you can follow to achieve a lean and fit body.

Imran Khan usually works out at Amir Khan’s gym and spends a good two hours working out for 5-6 times every week. He concentrates on his shoulders, arms and chest mostly during his workouts.

Due to his high metabolic rate, his workout plan focuses more on weight training to burn muscle mass and less on cardio. He also keeps his body active by indulging in martial arts and yoga.

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