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Ice Box with human head Never seen before

Ice Box with human head Never seen before  
رمضان میں پیش آنے والا تازہ ترین ہولناک واقعہ: ہوٹلوں میں ڈیٹ مارنے سے پہلے لڑکے لڑکیاں یہ لرزادینے والی ویڈیو دیکھ لیں

Boy with human head roams in the streets of California sometimes and on the beach of it. Actually he arranged one physical joke having one pseudo human head in the ice chest with fresh red color. In the European countries and other developed countries, it is allowed to have fun with people.

Ice Box with human head Never seen before

Government of these countries did not stop to people for this practice but with some parameters. So, the people who practice practical jokes should obey the given rules and people also did not have objection on the people who did this, most of the time.

According to video, boy was roaming in the streets of the California and waiting for their prey. In the start of the video, one of his fellows come to him and asks about the ice chest box. It is told to him as he himself did not know and he says to him to see it himself as what is in the ice chest box.

When he saw in the ice chest box, he did not stay there after watching in the ice chest box. Actually he saw fake head with fresh red color in the ice chest box and ran away. He calls him for telling him the actual story but he did not hear him while running.

Another man also asks him about the ice chest box who was observing all this. He also says to him to check but he did not check to go away. Then he got attention of one couple and requested to them for seeing his box as he wanted to go bathroom. That couple also ran away after watching inside in the ice chest box.

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