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Hungry Lion Pet Attack on guest Saudi Arabia

Hungry Lion Pet Attack on guest Saudi Arabia

 اللہ ایسی موت سے بچائے؛ وحشی شیر کو گھر میں رکھنے کا شوق عربی لڑکے کی جان لے گیا۔۔ کمزور دل نہ دیکھیں

Pet lion attacks on guest ferociously when he comes in home without telling anyone. It was the case reported in one of European countries where people like to have pets not only cats and dogs but also lions as well. They have the same habit as people like to have lions in their homes in Saudi Arabia.

Hungry Lion Pet Attack on guest Saudi Arabia

The real owner of that lion was female who was telling the whole incident to one of media person. According to her, she was also with her guest but at some distance when lion attacked at him. She further told as he was very lucky as she was very near to him and lion could not harm him too much. He was seized by the lion from his backside which was crucial.

She abruptly came forward to him to save him from the ferocious bites of lion. It was very difficult to get away something from the clutches of lions as she faced that day. She was accompanied with her husband when both released to their host from lion. After giving emergency services to their guest, they could not save him from bruising.

She tells as she and his husband are sorry for the incident which was happened to their host. According to her, her gust had bruises on his backside and arms as well. On the backside, he definitely had some serious bruises and he needed to get some consultation from doctors. However, bruises on the arm were not very serious and could manage at home.

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