Thursday , 14 December 2017
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Human Killed in City by Knife as Animals

Human Killed in City by Knife as Animals
دنیا کا ایسا شہر جہاں انسانوں کو ذبح کرنیکی تیاری کیجارہی دیکھیں ویڈیو

They all hate Islam, they very well do, we all know that. And quite honestly we just cannot blame them. Everybody at the end of the day would base emotions on their ease of living. In the case of the American people, minds holding such opinions are quite common these days especially since the growing powers of Islamic extremism and terrorism throughout the world. So what is the world coming to? World War 3?


The boards that were found were extremely offensive towards Muslims and Islamic Faith, and the government said that strict action would be taken against any parties involved. Both were on the chase Tuesday for whoever vandalized the proposed site of a Mukilteo mosque, leaving flyers with what examiners depict as hostile to Islamic talk.

The Islamic War is taking its toll everywhere you go in the world. From the States, to the Middle-East, signs are not the best if you are a Muslim and desire for a better future.

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