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How to Look cute even Wear Glasses

How to Look cute even Wear Glasses

You may think your glasses look ugly, but that’s doesn’t have to be the case. With the right glasses, appearance, and attitude, people will not put your glasses and ugly in the same sentence.

1    Get frames that fit your face. No one likes to see people whose glasses look too big for their face. If you have a smaller face, go for frames that aren’t too wide. Rectangular glasses look good on anyone, no matter what age, but especially if you’re a preteen or teen. Choose delicate-like glasses, with a thin frame.

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2    Get thin lenses. Even if you have the worst vision, you don’t have to put up with the embarrassment of thick lenses, thanks to technology. It really works wonders without the huge thick glasses.

3    Choose colored frames that go with that you’re wearing. You could get different colored frames to match different outfits (which can be expensive), or just get a neutral color that goes with anything–black thin framed, thin lenses, are an excellent choice. However, don’t just go out and buy your glasses in your favorite color, especially if it’s yellow. Really think about what suits you the best.

4    Choose a color that matches your complexion and hair color. Generally speaking, lighter skin tones look better when matched with lighter shades. Black glasses only make your face look whiter; try a gentle tortoiseshell instead. Darker skin tones, on the other hand, look better with darker shades, like black or dark brown.

5    Have confidence. Who cares if you wear glasses? Nowadays you can be hot wearing anything if you wear it with the right attitude. Make sure that your outfits are coordinated, classy, and a classy pair of glasses will have you looking even hotter than you already are.

6    Eat healthy and exercise. You’ll look even hotter if you eat right and are physically active. Being healthy, you will lose weight and gain confidence.

7    Polish your nails. Clear nail polish is not too flashy and not vague. Add a little sparkle, though! Just because you have glasses doesn’t mean that beautiful shade of purple isn’t for you. (Of course, don’t do this if you happen to be a male wearing glasses.)

8    Take care of your hair. Make sure your hair is always healthy and clean, and try new hair styles if you’re not satisfied with your current look. Loose and long looks fantastic, and loose-ish ponytail with bangs is superb. If you’re none of these, don’t despair! If you have a mirror, hairbands and a hairbrush, you’re ready for experiment! Plus, some hairstyles are beautiful, even with big black glasses. (Such as the braid with side-bangs, loose on the top.)

9    Always wear clean and ironed clothes. Don’t go wearing ugly plaid t-shirts, those are not for you, no matter what. For girls- wearing a floral tank top underneath a light teal sweater paired with black skinny jeans and high-top sneakers looks fabulous. But if those awesome jeans have a stain, don’t wear them. You’ll look frumpy. For guys- That blue plaid button down tee is now ready for you. Plaid is back in! (Just don’t wear too much of it.) Roll up the sleeves to your elbows, and wear a pair of black skinny jeans, but not too tight. Leave a little leg room. But whatever you do, don’t wear your pants low. It looks terrible. A pair of low Converses would go perfectly with this outfit. For your hair, gel it up a bit, make a shark fin at the front of your hair. Make it subtle, yet not so subtle that no one will notice. usually this will work for guys with black hair, so if you’re a brown or blond, or whatever, maybe brush your hair across your forehead. Grow it out long enough that it’s possible, but too long and it won’t look good. For red-heads, grow out your hair, then keep your hair short. Not super short, but just a bit past your ears. Sweep it into a style heading toward the back of your head, but let your hair hang over your ears a bit. Just keep your bangs on your half your forehead. In the end, your style should look soft, but the hair should be kept in place. Just don’t use a hairspray or something like that, the girls will notice, and maybe even your guy friends. They could question you. Also, make sure your shoes are always clean. That goes for everyone.

10    Always smile. If you are female, cross your legs while sitting down. Don’t always full out grin though, a nice no-tooth smile looks awesome. A toothy smile looks great too, but remember to take care of your teeth.

11    Be hygienic. Take a shower at least once every two days, put deodorant on, and moisturize so your skin is healthy and glowing. Drinking plenty of water will help you with your skin complexion, also getting rid of acne.

12    Have good posture. Stand straight and don’t slump your shoulders or slouch.

13    Be confident. There is nothing better for you and others than confidence. Be a leader, don’t shy away from a higher position. If you look good, clean, and confident, it really will help.

14    Act the part. Be yourself! Don’t try to be something that you’re not, because then people will think that you aren’t for real. Remember, personality is the better than anything. Even though looks count, that’s not what it’s all about. A good nice personality will do you wonders.

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