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How to get rid of Face hair permanent solution

How to get rid of Face hair permanent solution

Hair on face is a dreadful thing for many women and getting rid of them is a part of a usual beauty regime. As we all know facial hair for women can appear in and around the cheeks, upper lip, chin and neck region.

Besides some of the familiar procedures that are usually followed in salons, there have been alternative ways to remove facial hair.

1. Plucking: Plucking of facial hair is done with the help of tweezers and this method helps to remove hair from the follicles. Plucking should be done for stray hair, for example, hair on the chin, under the eyebrows etc. However, it should not be done for hair on the upper lip. One should wipe the area first with a cotton wool which has been soaked in an antiseptic.

cheeks, upper lip, chin and neck hair removal solution

2. Threading: Threading is one of the most common method of removing facial hair. This method is commonly used for removing hair from upper lips. But this process should not be overdone as it can cause rashes and irritations. Also one must not use this procedure for hairs on pimples, or acne.

3. Waxing: Waxing is another popular method and is offered by many salons. Generally cold wax, which is safer for the face is used. However, waxing should be done only on small areas of the face like chin and upper lip. For that waxing strips are available. For most of the times, a combination of threading and bleaching is adopted by women.

4. Epilator: An epilator pulls the hair out of their roots. They are different for facial hair than the ones used for the body. There can be a little when used initially but it will decrease gradually. The effects usually lasts for 4-6 weeks.

5. Laser: Laser is the latest method of permanent hair removal. In this method, an intense beam of light is made incident on the hair follicles, which disables its ability to produce hair. However, the procedure should be done carefully as it may cause redness, irritation, skin burns etc. Thus, the reputation of the clinic from where you are planning to get it done, should be thoroughly checked. In some cases, re-growth has also been observed. So weigh your options before you go for it as it is also an expensive process.

6. Home Remedies: Scrubs and exfoliation can provide a good alternative for very fine hair. You can make a paste of sugar, lemon and a little water and administer in the direction of your hair growth. Wash it off once it dries off.

Facial hair can be a tricky problem to solve. Hair removal methods can be painful, time-consuming or out and out disappointing!! But the methods discussed above are more or less largely followed and have turned out to be an excellent solutions.

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