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how soul departs the human body documentary video

how soul departs the human body documentary video

روح جسم سے کیسے پرواز کرتی؟؟؟ دم توڑتے مریض پر انفرا ریڈ کیمرے لگائے انگریز ڈاکٹرز نے تو دیکھیں کیا مناظر ریکارڈ ہوئے

A question that is not just a question, but a mega question, because this question is a question that has been unanswered since the beginning of times. When I used the word ‘unanswered’, I mean to say that despite thousands of years of civilization, man still stands divided in the idea of what happens to the human soul and body when a person dies. It is a very controversial topic and a highly debatable one, which makes it all the more fun to discuss and debate in public. It is one of my personal favorite ones and I just cannot help but talk or write on it.

how soul departs the human body documentary video

The planning of astral immateriality in which the soul leaves the body has been caught by Russian researcher Konstantin Korotkov, who captured a man right now of his passing with a bioelectrographic camera.

A fascinating part of Electrophotonic Imaging applications is the exploration into cognizance forms. Numerous years of experimentation have made it conceivable to distinguish bioelectrographic associates of adjusted conditions of awareness These are specific states, which a man enters amid contemplation, mental preparing, religious joy, or when affected by medications, hallucinogenics or anesthesia.

All of these perceptions got signs normal for ASC. Comparative results, utilizing the most various gadgets and techniques, were acquired in the labs of various nations. This demonstrates the procedures of cognizance are obvious on the physiological procedures measured by the EPI technique.

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