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How People gad-napped girls while walking streets

How People gad-napped girls while walking streets

راہ چلتے نوجوان لڑکوں کو اغوا کرکے امیر گھرانوں کی لڑکیاں کیا حشر کرتی ہیں، بچے ویڈیو نہ دیکھیں

Some European girls are making fun with one boy who was walking on road. He was going somewhere when he at once listened a vehicle’s noise that stopped near to him. He saved himself from that vehicle as it had come very near to him. At once he got amazed when he saw many girls rushing towards him.

How People gad-napped girls while walking streets

There were many European girls came out from the vehicle and tried to seize him firmly. It was seeing as it was the attempt of abduct to that boy. There were about four girls who came out and gripped him firmly. They put him in the car but they were girls and forgot to close the other door of the vehicle.

When European girls put him in the car, he quickly opened the other door of the car and ran away. Their whole attempt remained empty when they could not retain that boy in the vehicle. There were also some other European people there who were watching the whole scenario. They also started to condemn to those European girls on their fun.

In Europe, people often do joke with the people with the name of Activity. Amazingly, European people also did not react on these activities.  They started everywhere to tease people but for short time. It is not done for long time and nobody can run activities in the form of serials. It is only for the time being and in the next moment they tell to the person as it was a activity not a reality.

However, talking about the given video in which European girls took very high step in the form of activity. They were also got warning from the government officials on their act. The infected person also complained about their behavior. People who see the whole video they also did not like they way of activity they did with him.

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