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Horrible Video Death Can Come Anytime Must Watch

Horrible Video Death Can Come Anytime Must Watch

The Sindh government, told the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has determined to place a force of 35,057 police officers and 7,400 Rangers at polling stations in Karachi as part of the security arrangements for the local body polls scheduled for tomorrow.


After the news, the security personnel at all 4,037 polling stations of the city, of which have 1714 as the be most insightful and in 1329 was determined as prone position.

The Inspector General of Sindh Police, Ghulam Hyder Jamali, during a meeting with the Sindh Chief Minister Sindh Qaim Ali Shah at CM House on Friday, said: “There are three categories of force deployment as static, mobile and motorcycle patrols and the reserve trains” ,

He claimed that the use of force has received on the basis of estimation of law and order and understanding of polling stations has been taken in its history. “To be in ensuring a secure environment Rangers secondary police,” he added.

The Sindh police chief informed that the Pakistani army was also erwähnens 10 companies, each company has a capacity of 80 people.

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In addition, 7400 Rangers personnel with weapons and other major equipment prepared also perform security tasks. “The Rangers would patrol over 88 mobile phones and 180 motorcycles,” he explained.

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