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Horrible road accidents claim life of family

Horrible road accidents claim life of family

الله ایسی موت سے بچائے ویلنگ کرنے والے لڑکے پہلے یہ ویڈیو دیکھ لیں

Today we can see so many vehicles on the roads which could not to be sited in the past history. However the things have completely changed today. We can see thousands of different vehicles moving at a time on the roads which has helped a lot in transportation however with the increased rate of traffic it has also increased the rate of accidents.

Horrible road accidents claim life of family

Car accident is one of the major causes of the human deaths today.  According to the surveys it is revealed that 57% of the death tolls are due to the traffic collision. Thousands of people lose their precious lives in little negligence. There has always been a great need to teach people specifically the drivers regarding the traffic rules and regulations. Everyday, we witness so many accidents happening on the roads however we don’t take any lesson from them and those same mistakes and put our lives on the stage of risk.

Here we are sharing some compiled video in which terrific accidents happened. Some got safe and some went through a great loss. These kinds of accidents are common everywhere in the world as there are different reasons for that. Where driver and vehicle factors are the main cause of these accidents.

Now a large body of knowledge has been amassed on how to prevent car crashes, and reduce the severity of those that do occur. Governments of different countries are working to reduce these car crashes and to stop the loss of lives of people and their loved ones.

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