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Horrible Incident On Pretty Girl’s Birthday Watch Clip

Horrible Incident On Pretty Girl’s Birthday Watch Clip

A pretty twenty years converted her own birthday party in a terrible incident by their own hands. Enjoy and fun with their friends and family. A sudden pitch moment turned all the fun in a scarcity of death and in the morning the whole family. Now every face was glistening with happiness a few moments ago to pray with pain and sorrow.

Horrible Incident On Pretty Girl’s Birthday Watch Clip

It was the pretty girl twentieth birthday. She had invited many members of her family and friends. They all enjoyed the party and began to leave at the end. The unfortunate girl decided to go for some more fun and a movie at night with a few other friends. The all her apartment together and started toward the parking lot on the stairs. The lift was not working due to a technical malfunction.

They were all down from the staircase, commands and make fun of each other. The pretty girl invited her pitch as. In a state of joy she forgot the security while coming down from the stairs. The birthday girl was sitting on the railing next to the stirred and began to push down.

Suddenly something happened on the pretty girl, and she lost her grip on the railing. Her whole body was on the other side in the empty space of the stairs. The birthday girl was almost four floors towards the cellar in the form of a mass. All that happened in a blink of an eye.

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When her friends reached her at the end, she was covered with blood and wounds. The pretty girl had suffered many serious injuries and was bleeding. One of the friends called an ambulance for her and she was taken to a nearest hospital. The birthday party was transformed into a morning for all.

The people who had gathered to celebrate the birthday of the girl were now praying to God for their health and safety. Doctors she had taken the theater in operation. It was as an unfortunate and terrible event for the pretty girl.

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