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Hindu Girl Bad Mouthing Against Pakistani Muslim

Hindu Girl Bad Mouthing Against Pakistani Muslim

وہ پاکستانی لڑکیاں اور لڑکے جن کا انڈین فلمیں اور ڈرامے دیکھے بغیر کھانا ہضم نہیں ہوتا وہ زرا اس انڈین لڑکی کو بھی سن لیں

I’m your typical Indian urban millennial. Well-travelled, yoga-loving 20 something tuned into the most recent trends in pop culture. I am also a confident, well-educated and assertive woman balancing the dichotomous tightrope of our traditional upbringings with the westernized outlook we’ve been soaked in since childhood.

Hindu Girl Bad Mouthing Against Pakistani Muslim

I am also Muslim.

I have many Indian non-Muslim friends who are like me. We share common interests, backgrounds and tastes. My identity as a “Muslim” hasn’t really differentiated me from other fellow Indian millennials.

Except when it has.

Growing up in the Delhi of the late nineties and the early 2000s, I had been sensitised to my “Muslim” identity when I was as young as 7 years old. I attended a posh convent school full of feisty girls from army families. I remember in second grade, I was trying to colour between the lines in Art class, when (let’s call her) Gouri asked me if I was Pakistani.

I looked up, wondering what a Pakistani was. Was it a bad thing? My 7-year-old mind conjured up an ugly image of a Pakistani – person/creature/thing – whatever it was – and said, “No, you are”. Gouri Chhabra got annoyed and told me that I was a Pakistani because I was a Muslim.

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  1. is k mun k andr kutta kis ne bandha hy? is ko smjhao koi 1947 me hindustan k 2 tukry hue the ab panga lia to bharat k b 2 tukry ho jaen ge… is churail ki fitrat me hi fasad hy… asthama ki patient hy bolte bolte mar jae gi… ik jagah parha tha mene jo kuttay bhonkte hn wo katna nai jantay….

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