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Hijab Women in Kashmiri faces Problem and Insult

Hijab Women in Kashmiri faces Problem and Insult
یہ ظلم دیکھ کر بھی اقوام عالم خاموش ہے تو کشمیریوں کو سمجھ جانا چاہیے کے انکی جنگ میں انکا ہمدرد کوئی اسلامک ملک نہیں ہے

People should always think positive even in predicament. Some people start to adopt illegal ways in days of poverty and think it suitable ways but they are wrong. Bad days always come in the one’s life but it should be tackle carefully to avoid any bigger problem. Some time people also commit life taking to get rid from the predicaments of life but our religion does not allow it at all.

Hijab Women in Kashmiri faces Problem and Insult

According to our religion, we should not commit suicide because Allah does not put burden on the man more than his power. It is also mentioned in the holy book Quran. However, people who does not affiliation with the Quran and they never go in Mosque to offer prayer, they often misguided by the Satan and commit life taking activity.

Allah warns to become helpless because he does not produce anything in this world which does not have its solution. So people who adopt illegal ways or commit suicide they have to face their Allah in the Day of Judgment. Same is the story in the given video in which one friend is sharing his problems with his friend.

After hearing the whole story about poverty of his friend, he offers him for adopting illegal ways to get money. When he tells him the way how they would act on the ideas and how they would get more money in days, he at once forbade him to do so. His friend started to convince him and asked him why he did not want to live like rich people.

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