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High Heel scare Stuns on wire tight Rope

High Heel scare Stuns on wire tight Rope
High Heel scare Stuns on wire tight Rope

London: Tight rope walking in London everyone stunned such a pretty girl went there when wearing high heels. The crazy girl was not trained enough to do the stunt, but she insisted to experience it from the top of the rock. Almost had to fall from the rope once they lost their balance, but recovered quickly.

The pretty but crazy girl did everything to grab the attention of the public in London and she took the risk of doing the task without enough training. She took precautions and wire bound with her leg, which was bound with tight rope. Walking on the rope with high heels was one of the craziest decisions of this century.

Watch Crazy Girl without insurance

The people who are in command of this kind of dangerous stunts hold life insurance and they have done to save the future of their families. Underinsurance in London City no great task at all, because there are so many well-known insurance companies, the. In the city for this purpose A person can easily acquire the services of any business.

The crazy girl could the insurance otherwise they could not take the risk. It looked like she was disgusted with life otherwise she would not have taken place, the risk of walking on a tightrope. Her face was pale when they lost their balance in the middle, and she could just like him.

But she managed to keep her nerves and recovered quickly. Anyway, the girl fulfills the task and achieves the goals. It is named as Brave Lady from London City, who went on tightrope with high heels and not scare during the process at all.

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