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Height of Ignorance Shameful Video Watch Clip

Height of Ignorance Shameful Video Watch Clip

Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), the last Messenger of Allah sent to this world on 12 Rabi ul Awal as blessings and peace. The day is celebrated as Eid around the world. However, there are people who are idiotic and stupid distort the beautiful face of Islam with some actions. Here we present an example that must be condemned by every healthy mind.

Height of Ignorance Shameful Video Watch Clip

It should be noted here that the purpose of sending this mobile video is to give this nation a wake-up call value. There is enough hatred and intolerance in Pakistani society, so one should take this as constructive criticism. Look at the record and be part of this healthy debate by sharing your thoughts.

For several years it has become a tradition that the people to lead rallies and meetings, to pay homage to their beloved Prophet Rabi ul Awal 12. They offer darud o salad and naat, scientists give lectures on the life and services of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). For humanity There is no harm in doing this, but the problem begins when some ignorant people in control of things.

In this mobile footage, you will see a man dancing on a naat, which was prepared as a Bollywood song. It is blasphemy even on behalf of Eid Milad celebrations. No sane mind can accept that this clown to wipe the beautiful face of our religion. Question is that Will which Mullah, who cry out to start and explain Kafir to talk to each other, against this nonsense?

Watch Clip:

Lets spread contribution and peaceful register our protest against this delay. One should not even authority to be and to decide the fate of someone, but we ask concerned authorities to implement the law with full force. Only then how idiotic incidents will be stopped.

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