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Hail Storm damaging properties cars, houses, parks

Hail Storm damaging properties cars, houses, parks

Los Angeles: The day become darkness in California as state was hit by horrible hail storm damaging the properties of people including cars, interior of homes and hotels in San francisco. The parks, lawns and roads were filled associated with white stones thrown via dark skies. So many people were injured during the hailing.

Hail Storm damaging properties cars, houses, parks

As soon as dark skies covered the whole California, it turned into horrific hail storm along with the hailing continued for half an hour. It was too strong and powerful for the houses, hotels and cars that they couldn’t survive in severe weather. The citizens of Western world couldn’t find enough time either as part of your good hideouts.

Therefore, if you like who were enjoying the day on Tucson Bay got severe injuries once the hail storm hit the state. California is regarded as the populous state of United States of America located on the West Coast near Pacific ocean making it the most breathtaking state. The cities like Los Angeles, Region and Diego enforce customers to consult with tour companies to arrange the cycle. It was very beautiful morning and people were experiencing the day with families.

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There was prediction of passing showers but it turned into horrific hail storm later which did the damage not only to the properties, it became the nightmare for those as well. Women, children and youngsters got terrible injuries from strong hailing. The interior of houses, hotels in Los Angeles and the strong looking buildings were destroyed within few minutes. Besides the damage done by hail storm, the roads, parks, lawns and gardens of California were presenting a splendid picture as all were filled with white gallstones. The stones were shining like diamonds and the making the state fantasy world where every body wishes to stay at.

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