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Grave Torture child buried alive

Grave Torture child buried alive

شامی بچے کو مردہ سمجھ کر باپ کیساتھ ہی دفنادیا گیا غلطی سے پھر سنیں اس نے کیا مناظر دیکھے قبر میں
ویڈیو دیکھیں

The world should have a better picture of what Islam really is, and for that, we Muslims will have to take all the various methods of communications available to us in today’s technology-rich era.

Grave Torture child buried alive

Seriously, there could not have been a better era for bringing people to Islam. If we wont speak up in favor of our religion, how would it prosper in the eyes of the dirty world? We need good honest leaders who promote peace and tolerance rather than extremists.

Twenty-two youthful researchers were chosen on Monday to wind up the quiet and tolerant face of Islam and keep up the profound security of the UAE. The principal Emirati Scholars Development Program (ESDP) was dispatched in the capital, whereby understudies chose after a progression of meetings will set out on a three-year project to disperse the genuine estimations of Islam.

Every year is separated into two semesters and graduates will get a declaration toward the end of each semester. It was accentuated that everybody was in charge of showing a genuine and sound picture of Islam.

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