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Grave Snakes out for Public at Graveyard

Grave Snakes out for Public at Graveyard

استغفراللہ! گاؤں کی لڑکی کو دفنن کرتے قبر سے سانپ نکل آئے؛ ایک پیج ممبر نے ویڈیو بھیجی ہے کمزور دل نہ دیکھیں

Amjad Sabri who had been assassinated in afternoon of Wednesday, had been buried now. People are going at his grave for reciting Quran and Surah for his peaceful next life. There are groups of people there in the graveyard who are coming only at the grave of Amjad Sabri. Children, women and old people are coming for him.

Grave Snakes out for Public at Graveyard

The whole scene is very emotional and nobody can know as at what level people loved with Amjad Sabri. He was the son of farid Qawal who was very famous due to his different Qawalis. After the demise of Farid brothers or Sabri brothers, people found Amjad Sabri in the replacement of his father and uncle. People also loved him very much due to relation with Sabri brothers.

People who have been remained in his relation, they admired him very much. According to them, he was very kind and polite and never showed any proud to anybody in his whole life. He used to love with people to whom he had direct relation either in the studio or in the home’s matter. He was kind to everyone and never uttered harsh word to anyone.

This was the reason as people were coming to his grave for prayer. They were coming with the baskets of flowers with their own rupees. They had no pressure of anyone to do this but they were doing this willingly. Actually they had love with Amjad Sabri due to which they were doing this accordingly.

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