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Grave of Hazrat Haam (A.S) Found In Pakistan

Grave of Hazrat Haam (A.S) Found In Pakistan

حضرت نوح کے بیٹے حضرت ہام کی کی قبر پاکستان میں دریافت، ویڈیو دیکھیں
The tomb of Hazrat Haam (A.S) in Pined Dadan Khan near Jhelum is neglected by the Government of Pakistan. The Grave is in very bad condition. People are looting the relics of Prophet of Allah from the Toms and no one is there to take care of them.

Grave of Hazrat Haam (A.S) Found In Pakistan

Hazrat Haam (A.S) was the Son of Prophet Noah (A.S). His grave is located in AA remote Town, Pined Dadan Khan near Jhelum. Thousands of people visit the tomb every day to see and pay their regards to Haam (A.S). Pined Dadan Khan is an agricultural town. People in this town mostly work in the close by factories which makes paints and other chemical products.

The Grave of Son of Prophet is taken care of by the local People. A committee was set by the Village religious elders to maintain the safety and arrange facilities for the visitor at the Tomb of Harzrat Haam (A.S). If the visitors come from a far-off place, they can have a place to spend some time in the village provided by the villagers.

The building of the Tomb of Hazrat Haam (A.S) is not in very good condition from Outside. However, the grave of the son of Prophet is maintained well by the people of village. They gather funds and also receive money from the people who come for visit for the maintenance.

The Grave of son of Prophet needs attention of the Government at earliest. If the government does not looked into the matter, the coming generation will not be able to see the Tomb of Hazrat Haam (A.S) in very good condition.

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