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Gold Mine discovered in Chiniot Pakistan

Gold Mine discovered in Chiniot Pakistan
پہلی مرتبہ ریکوڈک میں اپنی آنکھوں سے دیکھیں کتنا سونا ہے اور اسے کتنے سستے ٹھیکے پر دیا گیا شیئر کرو آواز اٹھاؤ اس لوٹ مار پر

Golden days of Pakistan are very close as second biggest gold mine in the world has been discovered in Chiniot district in the province of Punjab. It is estimated that a minimum of 500 millions tons of Gold is present in the 28 kilometer area which is worth trillions of US dollars. If this project is transparently executed without any corruption then this will change the destiny of the people of Pakistan.

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