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Gold Man Zafar Supari getting protocol

Gold Man Zafar Supari getting protocol
اتنا پروٹوکول کس کو دیا جا رہا ہے لائک کر کے شیر ضرور کریں

Zafar Kahn Supari is a businessman from Rawalpindi who deals in petrol stations, property, plazas and machinery. He is a man for his great and craze love for gold. He is found of gold, weapons and pets and that’s why he always found on social media platform wearing heavy gold, playing with pets and showing his power with arms and firing. But who is Zafar Supari and what is his role in politics and either he is running gang for any political party or not? All these questions are being answered in this article.
Gold Man Zafar Supari getting protocol

In a recent interview with SAMAA, Zafar Khan Supari first revealed about his name. His original name is Zafar Khan while Zafar Supari is his nickname. Most of the children like playing with toys but Zafar Supari were unique from them as he was deadly found of keeping playing. As he grew up, his passion for the gold has been growing even

Two to three guards has deployed by the Zafar Supari for the protection of gold he is warning all the time. He assigned his popularity because of the prayers of his parents and his good deed to help others in time of need. Neither is he MPA nor a politician still enjoying a high level of protocol. He is a Pathan by birth and his birthplace is Rawalpindi. He has visited almost 28 countries so far. He is found of keeping lion, snakes, and original dogs. He is found of importing dog and in 2015 his two dogs participated in the dog show as well and emerged as winner in the competition. The names of the dogs are Ragu and Rex.

Short Description
Businessman & Lives In Bahria Town Rawalpindi.
Personal Information
Zafar Khan Lives in Rawalpindi. His Hobbies are Pets, Weapons and Wearing Gold. He is a Businessman and deals in Property ,Petrol Stations, Earth Moving Machinery & Plazas.
Personal Interests
He Loves Gold , Pet & Weapons.
0321 5222277
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