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Girls On Sale NGO’s Raising Voice Against Slave Market

Girls On Sale NGO’s Raising Voice Against Slave Market in London

When it comes to the education of the highest quality in affordable fee, there is no other city equal to London, as it has several British cities institutions globally recognized qualifications and certificates offer a reasonable cost. This is the reason why students from all over the world choose universities in London.

Girls On Sale NGO's Raising Voice Against Slave Market in London

In addition, London not only offers these students a few good places to live, but also give them an open way to make some money and deserve. Jobs in London are not a problem. But finding a good job is safe and not everyone happiness, will maintain a good position. This is the case with these female Pakistani students.
The footage shown above was taken from a program aired on Dawn News. The renowned anchor Talat Hussain led this episode of his talk show in London and covered the problems to make the female Pakistani students during their studies. It was shocking to know that these daughters of the land must be degraded only to survive in this expensive city in Europe.

There are areas in London where you can find cheap and secure booking. However, they are unhygienic and impure that a normal person does not exist few minutes. Unfortunately, our daughters to stay there because they can not afford expensive hostels in universities and other issues of student life in London.

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It was also shown that they find the job as soon as possible. Under British law, a person can no longer on student visa to work as a certain limit, but these students do odd jobs just to make more money and pay their tuition fees in London. Hope you like this post. Do not forget to share with others as well.

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