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Girl Slipped from hanging life saves miraculously

Girl Slipped from hanging life saves miraculously
انہوں نے موت کو کھیل بنایا کہ کھیل ہی موت بن گیا … کمزور دل ہرگز مت دیکھیں

European female saves her friend’s life when he was going to be hanged. Actually he was up on chair and was trying to fix something in the roof. During the fixing he got slipped his feet and he was down in the hanged position. It was her female friend who arrived there suddenly who supported her to lift him up.

Girl Slipped from hanging life saves miraculously

According to him, he was barely saved by his girlfriend otherwise he was no more. He also told as he was trying to do something by his own hand. According to him, his light was out of order and he had no other source for lighting. So, he decided to change it personally due to which he climbed up on the chair for this purpose.

When he was very near to change it, his feet got slipped badly and he stated to hang dreadfully. According to him, he became senseless when he noted his position. He firstly tried to move fast so that he could release himself from the grip of the rope but it tightened it further. So, he stopped to move like that.

In the same time, he got as her girlfriend was arrived there to save his life. According to her, when she did not have any intention to come there but she came there unknowingly. According to her, she was also amazed to see him in hanged position. She moved fast towards him and helped him to release from the rope.

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