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Girl Reply to Waqar Zaka on Burqa Scandal Exclusive Video

A Girl Bashed Waqar Zaka Watch Exclusive Video Waqar Zaka Burqa ScandalĀ 

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Social media is turning into a single point of vision for all the audience who seek to keep them updated from all the social happenings within their surroundings. Recently, reality show host Waqar Zaka uploaded a video sharing his views regarding the independence day incident where few boys were found humiliating a woman on bike while they were all busy in celebrating their so called national day. Waqar zaka condemned them and also offered a 50,000 rs of reward to the audience who could help in finding the culprits.

As a response to his video uploaded a week back, one of his x-fans reciprocated her views and counter attacked him!

Watch Clip:

What the hell is this? I don’t think she lies. He has don a lot of bad things on his show. The second thing is that she accuses him for given script to women which they doesn’t wan’t to read in front of the world but maybe they are forced somehow. Astargfiruallah which program in Pakistan is not scripted or forced to read up in front of audience by the producer. She declares that she know waqar. We all remember when mr waqar said that he won’t 1 Hundred thousand members on line, then he will reveal that true identity of to cricketers who humiliated Pakistan. But after that he didn’t

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