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Girl irritation nerves from Monkey temple

Girl irritation nerves from Monkey temple
عجیب و غریب کپڑے پہننے پربندر نے خوبصورت لڑکی کوبے حال کردیا- بیچاری سب کچھ چھوڑکر بھاگ گئی-ویڈیودیکھیں

Female gets irritation from monkey when she goes in the temple. She was on her way when she was stopped by monkey and it was not letting to everybody go upwards without getting something else. People were also feeding in different ways also. It was just like desperadoes as they did not let to anybody without getting anything else.


Monkey was likely doing the same and only that person could go upwards who was giving something to eat to monkey. That young female was also trying to get out from its eyes but monkey again comes in her way and stops her.

It was really irritating for her as she had no time and wanted to free from there as soon as possible. She was looking educated and feeling tired from this practice of monkey. She also did not have anything in her hand due to which she could not go upward like other people.

There was also time come when monkey stopped to everybody and made a hurdle. It was really interesting as nobody was hurting to monkey as it was just a petty and frivolous animal and nothing else. However, people were gathered there and waiting for monkey’s will.

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