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Girl Fell Down at Aladin Park on Trolly Train

Girl Fell Down at Aladin Park on Trolly Train
استغفراللہ! اللہ ایسی موت سے بچائے، نمائش میں لڑکی جھولے سے گر کر ہلاک، ہولناک ویڈٰو کمزور دل نہ دیکھیں

Female started to behave with awkward actions in China when she reached in one of famous market in one of famous city of China. She had bad intentions actually when she moved downward her body to tie her laces. Off course, she wanted to get some attention from people of market.


Actually she was not a good woman she was addicted to do this on daily basis, told by some sources. She comes there on daily basis and tries to entice some people for her daily wages. There are also many other females who have been addicted for this unfortunately.

Government should notice such events which are happening on daily basis in the country otherwise the whole country would be wrapped with these people. When people started to tease her she again started to show her rude behavior which was artificial. People who were teasing her they also knew it very well.

Firstly one lad came there and pushed her intentionally and showed as it happened unintentionally. She started to scold her and he said to her sorry and went on his way. There were only 3 seconds passed when another man came and he made a pose to push her but this time he was deceived badly.

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