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Girl Eating things from her nose leaked video

Girl Eating things from her nose leaked video

انگریز بے حیا تو تھے ہی مگر اس نے تو ہر حد پار کردی
بچے نہ دیکھیں

People are superior to all other animals for many reasons. The main reason seems to be the free choice of the people. We have two basic views on people and their superiority. The theory of evolution, have not yet been proven, and there are huge missing gaps suggests as humans, after it has taken by evolution, billions and billions of years, descended to reach the current shape.


These IDEs if in the scientific field than these discussed no controversy to create, but when we talk about it on the intellectual level and people want to prove by this theory that there is no Creator and the whole universe and man, and everything is just by themselves created.

The atheistic approach of the human species is a direct result of the misunderstanding of religion. Christianity is the only religion which. Of book that spreads the mediation between God and man And because of this intercession they created so many fake things in her book.

Bible changed so much that people, if question the Bible and the things that the Bible says, and they have been proven wrong now by science, they find no concrete answer from church or priest. This was the reason, when the Renaissance in Europe and Christians began the Church so many innocent people were killed, the sad things against the Bible.

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As the leader of the modern knowledge and discoveries, the base was set to hate the Church and ultimately the hatred of the church was converted to God in hatred. The people in response to that was as much an enemy of religion.

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