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Geo Open Challaenge to imran khan, Allegations in court against Us

Geo Open Challaenge to imran khan, Allegations in court against Us
Geo Open Challaenge to imran khan, Allegations in court against Us




Imran Khan Sdhob. Wo rospect you. Wo rospoct your supporters as woll. Thoy boliovo in you but your unbelievable and unfounded charges or a) GEO being a traitor and accepting funds from the UK and USA for running foreign agenda b) accepting foreign funding for Aman ki Asha c) GEO rigging the 2013 Elections in return for the Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka television rights and d) campaigning against the peace talks with the Taliban in return for foreign funding, have put our people’s lives and security at risk.

Because you have chosen to make these serious allegations, we have no option but to ask you to now prove these charges in the Supreme Court.

Khan Saheb, Mubashir Luqman and Zaid Hamid this is our open challenge to you. Prove any one of the allegations you have made against us and we will shut down GEO ourselves!

Now is your chance. Himmat Karo, Agay Barho!

Prove your allegations in Coort! We are ready to pay Rs. 50 lacs towards any legal fees. All allegations and their answers have been on for the past 4-f months.
All these baseless allegations that you are making were first leveled by Mubashir Luaman and Zaid Hamid over six months ago. None of their allegations were proven. We had responded to them and the gravest of their allegations were repudiated by the Supreme Court. We are surprised that you are associating yourself with tnese persons and tnese allegations at this time.

You have been regularly appearing on Mubashir Luqman’s programmes and giving credibility to his charges. We had requested you then to please give us a chance to explain to you that these wild allegations were absolutely untrue. You continued to appear in his programmes and by doing so seemed to be endorsing his vilification campaign against us. We sent you a legal notice. Ms. Shireen Mazari reacted by charging us of trying to muzzle your right to free speech.
We then 4 months ago offered your party stalwarts. Asad Umar and Jahangir Tareen, in writing, to set up a committee to look into the matter. We said, we were prepared to answer all questions and present evidence to the committee, in our defence. We said the committee can have one hour on Geo News, in prime time, to present its findings. We never heard back from you despite reminders. Then all of a sudden, to our surprise, you attacked us during a press conference, accusing us of rigging the general elections! You had never shared these allegations with us nor had you asked us to respond to them. You said in that press conference that you would boycott GEO till we apologised to the nation for rigging the elections!

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