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Geo News Anchor Singing Indian Song Watch Clip

Geo News Anchor Singing Indian Song Watch Clip

Geo news channel is making fun always right when given something to Pakistan. They will show strange types of newscast against Pakistan.

Geo News Anchor Singing Indian Song Watch Clip

Nor the newscaster now sing Indian songs and then after recording the video they intentionally share these videos on social media. You’re on the air, to derail this nation of their own worth. They themselves are following Indian culture, and want the public to follow them.

You are trying to ruin the values ​​of this country, as they were considering license. In books and on the houses to teach our children that India is our enemy country. We have four wars against them. Our beloved Kashmir is in their profession, which are illegal.

Our channels especially Geo is busy, “Aman Ki Aasha” with them. The hosts are busy trying to prove that India is not our enemy. For example, this anchor sang a song Indian and she when she does not know that the camera to shooting mode.

Watch Clip:

But in reality, they had all the idea in the world that the camera is in recording mode. She recorded with the monopoly of the cameraman and the fact the monopoly of the Geo channel video and made it viral on social media then.

This is another cheap attend in order to gain the public’s attention. It’s too late for geo been to attract public attention and sympathy. People are annoyed by Geo Channel because of their suspicious activity.

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