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Funniest Audition Small Toy Boy In Waqar Zaka Show

Funniest Audition Small Toy Boy In Waqar Zaka Show

Living on the Edge: Sabse Himmat Wala Kon? It was Pakistan’s first dare reality show. Among the Pakistani TV shows it will be remembered for its revolutionary eye catching content that led it to be the highest rated show among house wives and the youth. It is also the most viewed reality show of Pakistan on social media, having number of viral videos.

Waqar Zaka the creator of the show rubber stamped the cult following by creating his own hand sign. This hand sign went on to become the official Logo which he asked the contestants to make while taking the OATH prior to competition.

Funniest Audition Small Toy Boy In Waqar Zaka Show

As Waqar Zaka host / creator of show explained that Dare is word which is not limited just to climb mountains or eat cockroaches; it’s a word that ultimately means “to do something with courage” and that something varies from person to person. The same trend has been followed by many international TV shows later on “I DARE YA”.

It was 2003, the format of the show changed to a completely, to something along the lines of the Survivor series & Big Brother. But the unique twist that propelled its rating was the addition of the audition process by Waqar Zaka.

The audition phase was never seen before anywhere in the world at the time. The show has a title in every season, SUB HIMMAT WALA KON,(most bravest of all), SPEED DEMON, RISK TAKER, The PLAYER and so on. Later on the same Audition format was followed by MTV Roadies which is all together a different reality show, as MTV ROADIES is a travel based reality show, while Living on the edge is more of a social experiment where the contestants are tested by making them stay together at a confined place.

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