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Frustrated Women jumps into crocodile pit

Frustrated Women jumps into crocodile pit

تھائی لینڈ میں لڑکی نے سینکڑوں مگرمچھوں کے درمیان خودکشی کے لئے چھلانگ لگا دی، دیکھیں کیا حشر ہوا؟؟

Female entrust herself foolishly by jumping into crocodile pit. According to reports as it was woman belonged to Thailand who gave her life by jumping knowingly into crocodile pit. She was about 65-year old lady who went to crocodile zoo. She firstly remained busy to see different zoo animals but she jumped into pit of crocodile abruptly as nobody came near to her to save.

Frustrated Women jumps into crocodile pit

According to officials that woman left the house in Bangkok city last Friday morning. Then she decided to go at the form of crocodile. According to CCTV cameras footage which were erected for security purposes, that woman was walking near to the pool of crocodile. She intentionally jumped into pit of crocodile according to witness of CCTV footage.

According to reports, she jumped in that pit where she had about 10 thousands crocodiles. When she jumped crocodiles were also waiting for something to eat. After her jump, they got very special and unique thing to eat which they all enjoyed together unfortunately. However, security guards were also there who found the situation very soon.

They called to back up support that arrived without any delay. They were all jumped in the pit having security measures but they could not save to female unluckily. She was identified by her insurance card which she had in her bag or somewhere. Luckily, they found that insurance card on the surface of water that was floating after losing her original master.

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