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Foolish bride jumps into water on wedding day

Foolish bride jumps into water on wedding day

 دوستوں نے مذاق مذاق میں نئی نویلی دلہن کو پانی میں دبو دیا، ویڈیو دیکھیں

Foolish bride jumps into water on her wedding day. She was encircled with her friends on wedding ceremony on a boat. They all were just got free from weeding ceremony rituals and planned to celebrate on boat. At times, they got a plan to have fun into water bride and groom together. They also got ready to groom and he was already jumped into water.

Foolish bride jumps into water on wedding day

Bride was reluctant to do it but she had lot of pressure from her friends. She even once came down from the steel rod. However, she again had to step up on that steal rod. She got ready at time but she had no control over her will. She was badly encircled with her friends who were forcing her to jump into water.

At times, they also asked her to jump otherwise they would push her into water which would cause some problem for her. Actually friends make fun on wedding ceremonies everywhere but it was too much. In European countries, people go beyond the limits while having fun when they are gathered with their friends.

There are also many examples regarding European people as they sometimes also get some loss while having fun. So, coming back to story, she got position to jump into water but reluctantly. When she jumped into water, there was another thing happened to her that was completely astonishing for all of them. Unfortunately, the whole dress of bride was put off when she jumped into water.

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