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Five Shraddha Kapoor Controversies That Shocked Bollywood

Five Shraddha Kapoor Controversies That Shocked Bollywood

1. The Diva Tantrums

Barely a few films old and Shraddha is already said to have started showing off her diva colours. After Salman Khan invited the wrath of the photographer community, Shraddha Kapoor brushed them the wrong way; the actress’ high handed behaviour with the city’s paparazzi left them none too pleased.

The Diva Tantrums

2. The Paparazzi Boycott

Indeed during the promotions of Ek Villain, the photogs present reportedly refused to click any photos until she had left the venue. Shraddha is said to have apologized and even gone on record to say, “I was told to be ready by 1 pm and I was ready 15 minutes before time. But the shoot was delayed due to some production hassles. I was waiting in my vanity van, impatiently, unaware that the lensmen were also waiting for hours for me. Often, we actors have no idea when the media is called and this causes miscommunication.”

The Paparazzi Boycott

3. The Father- Daughter Controversy

Daddy dearest created quite the stir when he admitted in public that his daughter wasn’t easy to handle and is renowned for her mood swings and temper tantrums.

The Father- Daughter Controversy

4. The Secret Aditya Roy Kapur Affair

Yes, they never admitted it. But then again, we don’t see them denying it either. The Aashiqui 2 couple were reportedly dating for the longest time on the sly before things turned sour.

The Secret Aditya Roy Kapur Affair

5. The Unfortunate Wardrobe Malfunction

The new kid on the Bollywood block unfortunately learned a lesson that all other starlets swear by the hard way: Short hemlines and sitting down in front of paps armed with high powered camera lenses don’t mix.

The Unfortunate Wardrobe Malfunction

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