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Firefighters Rescue Daughter from Flooded River

Firefighters Rescue Daughter from Flooded River
استغفراللہ! اللہ ایسی موت سے بچائے، کمزور دل نہ دیکھیں

Rescue team saves three people from drowning in China when they were boating in dangerous place of river. They were asked by many people to avoid that place but they were not hearing to anyone and doing what was coming in their minds. There were about two females and one male who were praying for their lives when they were trapped in middle of the river.

Firefighters Rescue Daughter from Flooded River

According to reports, the river was not in this condition for boating but people were still in the river. Some government representatives were also came there and asked to owner of the boat not to give his boats for boating. He also stared to obey the orders but people were started to request him and also offered him more money than routine.

He was also man and he was come in greed and gave them boat for boating. They were enjoying while boating as people who were passing near to them they were surprising on them. They knew very well as no one knew about the strange behavior river water as it can be high anytime. However, they further tell to be aware form some dangerous places.

They all called spade a spade and continued to enjoy. At point they were all stuck badly and boat was not in their control. At time, they were forced to come out from boat as water was entered in the boat. They were all started to cry loudly as they were very near to die.

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