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Female Theft CCTV Camera caught in shopping mall

Female Theft CCTV Camera caught in shopping mall
ایسی عورتوں نے معاشرے میں سب کو بدنام کیا ہوا ہے، ویڈیو دیکھیں

Some females behave quite differently in shopping mall when they come in. It looks like she was with her daughters and came there with bad intentions. When she came in the showroom, she firstly goes to the wardrobe where she saw one shoe. She goes towards wardrobe and asked to her daughter to pick the shoe secretly.

Female Theft CCTV Camera caught in shopping mall

It was the Shimla Mall Road Woodland Showroom where CCTV camera captured some unique moments of customers. Actually in different event days, shopkeepers are found too much busy and they are not enough vigilant to take care of their shops. So in these days, such bad people try to take advantages of busy lives of shopkeepers and try to steal objects from shops.

There are also many other examples where people come in the shops and when they find opportunity they do not waste time and steal the things. Unfortunately, it has seen as all such events which have been reported from different places, all are females. It is sad thing to note as people use to females for this bad option.

There was also another viral video on different internet portal in which some females were shown who were stealing cloths from showrooms. They were about 4-5 females who came in the showroom for shopping purpose but started to put cloths under their clothes secretly. They were also skipped secretly and shopkeeper could not find them.

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