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Female stuns insulted Kapil Sharma in his show

Female stuns insulted Kapil Sharma in his show
کپل تم رہنے دو تم نہیں سمجھو گے، شو میں آئی لڑکی نے کپل کو اسی کو شو میں ذلیل کر دیا

Kapil Sharma gets insulted by a female in his own show. Kapil Sharma very renowned comedian in Indian Industry as there is no one like him in whole India. According to critics, India has produced only that single man who can communicate humorously very well and has earned his name throughout the world. He is known everywhere Urdu and Hindi speaking people live.

Female stuns insulted Kapil Sharma in his show

He has very quick sense of humor due to which he has beaten to all his competitors in Indian Industry. Now, he also has got some films and started to show his acting performances to his fans. In last days, he called to very famous couple name Rajeev and Gauhar. They were on the stage when one of Rajeev’s fans got the mic.

She stood up and started to admire Rajeev blindly, even she also forgot as his wife was with him. She told him as she was her fan when he entered in the industry like for 2003. It was very amazing for him as how people love with him. She also asked him as she was in 9th class when she started to like him.

It was obviously too much honor for Rajeev to have his fan like that type. She also requested to play game with her which was accepted by Rajeev in which she lost from Rajeev. Actually it was planned as she did not want to be won from Rajeev. Actually she wanted to give gift to Rajeev due to which she lost.

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