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Female prison mistreat at Dubai Jail CCTV Footage

Female prison mistreat at Dubai Jail CCTV Footage
دبئی پولیس عورتوں کی جیل میں قیدی عورتوں کیساتھ کیا سلوک کرتی ہے، سن کر آپ کے ہوش اڑجائیں گے۔ ویڈٰو دیکھیں

The whole world has been surprised by seeing modern facilities and life provided at Dubai Prison for females. Dubai police is dealing with woman Affairs in United Arab Emirates has also rated at top in the world. A recent report is presented by a TV channel has revealed some amazing finding about Dubai jail as that Channel also filmed some parts of jail in Dubai.


The Dubai Prison for females was built near men’s jail in Al-Awir. Women detainees in UAE are held there to pass their terms under Dubai Police. Female captives of many religious groups and nationalities are held at Dubai jail for many reasons. Some women have small children with them living at jail as well.

For education and rehabilitation of Female captives, Dubai Police has recently started many programs. Universities, Schools and colleges, are providing education sessions inside Dubai Prison for female prisoners. It is being done not only local UAE institutions but some foreign institutions are also providing their services in jail.

Female captives in Dubai Prison are not well educated but they are also getting professional training as well. Coming back to normal life from jail, they can easily earn respectable living in UAE without facing any problem. Dubai police also helps to settle back to all females into normal life.

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