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Female Anchor Embarrassed by Live Caller Watch Clip

Female Anchor Embarrassed by Live Caller Watch Clip

A female anchor in a TV talk show was not criticized on itself thereby in an appropriate manner during the session on media from a caller from Karachi. The old aged woman was not only a reference to the presenter in the program, but was also talk about all the females on the medium. They criticized the western style dress by moderators and other women in show business.

Female Anchor Embarrassed by Live Caller Watch Clip

The female anchor is not able to say something positive or to defend himself in the talk show against the woman caller. It was the case with embarrassment surprise observations of the aged woman. The points on the females raised by the woman in the media were very valid and it had rightly objected to the association of woman on the screen.

Since recent years, with the freedom of the media, the females were also started avoiding the cultural values ​​of Muslim society and the name of Pakistan behind them. By on the screen in a talk show, by no means female anchor not care about the Islamic values. In the competition for the number one in the show business females also their attractive dressing, instead of its power use on the screen.

Our media have mostly started following the western culture in their programs. Web TV will pay more attention to in the Association of female anchor in the talk show instead of modesty now. There was a time in Pakistan when a female was not allowed to come on the screen with a covered head.

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In the present days, women wearing western vulgar dresses come in the media, open. Once connected to Western culture in the film and theater industry, now the talk show hosts have started by the same values. Become the female anchor on the TV programs models more than a new caster at large.

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