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Fast Track road accident hits Camel horrible

Fast Track road accident hits Camel horrible

وحشی اونٹ کی گاڑی سے خوفناک ٹکر، دیکھیں کار میں بیٹھے بندے کا کیا حشر ہوا، کمزور دل ویڈیو نہ دیکھیں

Camel smashes with car on road when it was trying to cross the road without its owner. It was badly stuck with the car as car was completed demolished. Came was laid on the front end of the car and remained motionless for a while. Fortunately, the whole passenger in the car was fully safe and had no major bruises.

Fast Track road accident hits Camel horrible

Camel was again able to run on the road after passing some time on the bonnet of car. People were gathered around the camel and the car. They started to ask about the health of the passengers who were in the car. Unfortunately, the whole car was devastated and there was no one there to take responsibility of it.

The owner of the car was madly searching for camel owner so that he can get his loss by any means. However, he could not find anyone who could even tell him the address of the owner. There was rush of only those people who were also passengers and stopped there to help him. Camel also again started to run on the road in the same way.

Actually, owner of the camel was the accused person who did not take care of his animal and let camel go on the road. It may lead to big problem as camel was hit to car. Luckily, all were safe otherwise people are also expired in such incidents. In recent days, camel hits to car in Saudi Arabia and all passengers have been died.

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