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Famous Politician Minister caught in Raid with Actress

Famous Politician Minister caught in Raid with Actress

کوئی شرم ہوتی ہے کوئی حیا ہوتی ہے۔۔۔ میاں صاحب کل دل کا آپریشن کروا رہے تھے اور ان کے منسٹر پیچھے مشہور ایکٹرس کے ساتھ کیا گل کھلاتے پکڑے گئے، ویڈیو بچے اور لڑکیاں نہ دیکھیں

Being a citizen of third world country, one question always disturbs me as how European countries and some Asian countries are moving ahead so fast. When it talks about the China, it was also come into being after one year of Pakistan but it has also been included in the list of Big Five. Talking about China, they are going to be merged as very big nation economically in the world.

Famous Politician Minister caught in Raid with Actress

Talking about the European countries that are off course got their independence long time ago but they never faced any problems while governing their governments. They never faced any problem during their elections like in third world countries. As in these countries, people are assassinated badly and government has to deploy a huge force to avoid any pell-mell condition.

In European countries, the governments are working smoothly and performing well this is why their citizens are well off and prosperous. Their leaders are sincere to their nation and they never cheated with them. When it talks about the European countries like Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, UK, Ireland and many more countries, they are all having leading positions in progress point of view.

In the last year survey, the nation of Switzerland was declared as the world’s most prosperous nation. On the other hand, when it talks about the nation of third world countries, we find very reverse condition of our nation. The leaders are found dishonored and besmirched, they come in the governments for looting and plundering purpose and gone away.

They even did not investigate for their robberies. Sometimes dishonest and disrespected people are also appointed as ministers. So when one nation would have such kind of leader how is it possible to move ahead. In these circumstances, we should thank to Allah as we are still living in free country.

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