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Fake Rohani Peer With 300 Women Never Seen Before

Fake Rohani Peer With 300 Women Never Seen Before
روحانی کمرے میں جاکر لیٹ جاؤ اور…دیکھیں خبیث پیر عورتوں کیساتھ کیا کرتا تھا اور جاہل مرد خود اپنی عورتوں کو چھوڑ کرآتے

Videos that go viral include the videos of flying creatures like flying horse video in Saudi Arabia became very famous as religious people were found saying that this flying horse was actually an angel that showed itself to warn the people in the world that stop doing bad deeds and I am the sign of God.

These strange creatures when are looked by many people who study medical sciences are found saying that the reasons behind the existence of strange creatures is biological changes in routine creatures or animals like tiger, giraffe and many other animals because biological change or destruction occur in the animals and remain there for generations. Reason of the existence of such strange creatures is simply the law of nature that nature is accountable to none.

There are many human beings that are crippled from many angles like some are born handicapped, some are born with congenial heart diseases and some are born with mind problems. People when become unable to find reason behind such innocent creatures suffering badly they say that these are the strange creatures which did bad deeds in the previous life and now are suffering whereas believers of afterlife say that this is a test.

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