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Fake peer exposed by women hidden Camera

Karachi Fake peer exposed by women hidden Camera
اس پیر نے اس لڑکی کئ کے ساتھ کیا کچھ نہیں کیا !!!جاننے …

A fake spiritual healer has been caught on charges of molesting a woman in Faisalabad. According to media reports, the woman came to the place of “peer” who raped her and then fled. The woman approached the police who then apprehended the culprit.


The woman was of the view that despite her shouts and calls for help, none of the healer’s devotees came to help her. A faith leader who used his role as a “spiritual guide” to cover up a multimillion-pound property fraud and tax-evasion scam has been jailed. Muslim cleric Mehboob Akhtar, of Stoke-on-Trent, was sentenced along with nine others including his wife and daughter. They were found guilty of lying to mortgage lenders to amass nearly £1m of property in a bid to “control and dominate” areas of the city.

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