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Faisalabad Heaviest Buffalo and Goat 2016

Pakistan Heaviest Buffalo 2016 in Faisalabad
52من کے بیل نے نیا ریکارڈ بنا دیا۔حیرت انگیز وڈیو دیکھیں

World’s heaviest buffalo in Faisalabad comes for Eid ul Adha for sacrifice. People were amazed to see it as it had weight of 2080 Kg which was really remarkable. People were happy to see such a heavy buffalo in their market and everyone was in this effort to purchase.


However it was also too costly to purchase it. According to its owner, he was spending about 5 thousand rupees daily on it to fulfill its sustenance. It was really amazing as it looked from far off sight as there were three buffalo were walking all together.

Talking about duty of sacrifice on the event of Eid ul Adha, it is the Sunnah of Prophet Ibrahim in Islam who slaughtered sheep which came from paradise. Actually it was the test which was given from Prophet Ibrahim by his Allah. According to preaching of Islam, Prophet was seeing dream about slaughtering to his son.

When He shared this dream to his son and said as it looked as the test from Allah. His son named Prophet Ismail as if you see as it is the test then you have no need to wait for it. He said to his father Prophet Ibrahim as just pick up sharp object and cut off my throat.

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