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Fact behind Pakistan team losing match Report leaked

پاکستان کرکٹ ٹیم کی شکست کی وجوہات سامنے آگئیں ۔
بہت سے معزز چہرے بے نقاب۔۔۔!!

Fact behind Pakistan team losing match Report leaked

Fact behind Pakistan team losing match Report leaked
Fact behind Pakistan team losing match Report leaked

Pakistan cricket team has come under criticism from the national media who still mourned another defeat against arch-rivals India in a World Cup game and say, “the writing on the wall from the beginning”.

Pakistan lost their last six matches to India in the World Cup since the rivalry began way back in 1992nd

The Lahore Daily Times headlined his piece “Pakistan not to break any curse World Cup against India”.

“As expected, Misbah ul Haq and his protégés break up their World Cup curse against India in Adelaide on Sunday. It was on the wall from the start, but still many were hoping for a miracle. But miracles happen rarely written,” wrote “Daily Times”.
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The headline in the newspaper said Dawn ‘India get proper WM Record against Pakistan. “In what was an important game for both teams, India has all the requirements of the right boxes at the Adelaide Oval on Sunday, so that they maintain their perfect record against fierce rivals Pakistan in the World Championships.”

In another piece in the twilight, made a sarcastic comment in the article, said: “Hey, what’s an India-Pakistan World Cup match without a man named Akmal behind the stumps Games possibilities, right?”

Meanwhile, local media quoted former Pakistan great Javed Miandad ICC column – ‘mindboggling experiments “- said that” not experiment in major cricket matches, fields a team his best game and XI “.

“It was nothing more than a mindboggling team selection, shakes the millions of his fans around the world. What is the science behind the promotion Younis Khan as an opener? What is the logic of aggressive to a specialist wicketkeeper Sarfraz Ahmed, as he also asked ? It was like pressing the panic button before the start of such an important event like
the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, “Miandad wrote.

He added: “To me, it seems, Pakistan team management is confused about where their strengths lie you will asked to No.8 deep and do not want to miss the sixth bowler I am afraid this is not the right approach in .. major tournaments. ”
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Pakistan’s former fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar has advised Misbah to be more stern and to be strong with the players when the team cherishes hope for good in the world championship.

“I’m very disappointed with the way played some of our bat and took decisive blows against India. I think Misbah has to shed some of his humility and peace and with such strong players,” Akhtar Geo News Channel said.

The former captain Rameez Raja also said the channel would be out the mental scars of the Pakistan team’s defeat.

“I just hope they can recover from this defeat, because they now need to win all their games and show more discipline and purpose in their cricket,” he said.

Pakistan’s former opener Mohsin Khan said the team had the fans down.

“It’s how the team let down really disappointing us. They wait for a long time for this game and I feel so bad for the fans who prayed for the success of the” Mohsin said.

The former captain Rashid Latif said Pakistan had their best opportunity wasted to beat India in a World Cup match.

“India was the team under pressure, but all credit to (Virat) Kohli, (Shikhar) Dhawan and (Suresh) Raina to persevere in the middle. This is something our batsmen should have learned from them when we hit” so Latif.

Pakistan’s 1992 World Cup winning captain Imran Khan criticized in team combination and specialist wicket-keeper could choose.

“I’ve always believed in with specialist players, and I think Umar play as a sentinel was a mistake and it cost us,” he said.

Batting great Zaheer Abbas Pakistan agrees felt too many mistakes on the field and in the selection of the team. “Pakistan committed too many mistakes. Younis Khan should not have been sent as an opener, and they should not be Sarfraz Ahmed Umar keep wickets fall and made,” he said.

“There was no proper planning. We have so many mistakes. Our captain has flaws. Send Younis to open the innings was a big mistake and Umar as wicketkeeper was different. In addition, we had so many catches.

“In the last world, we too fall as many catches. If we learn?” Asked Zaheer.

Pakistan’s former spinner Saqlain Mushtaq, said: “Our strategy was not right, although I agree that sending Younis was used as an opener needs of the country, but we lacked real door opener and a genuine wicket-keeper ..”

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