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Extension of filling petrol in car CNG Harm Queue hours

Extension of filling petrol in car CNG Harm Queue hours

CNG harm to queue for hours for the acquisition of Pakistan are well known.

Extension of filling petrol (1)

Waiting for their turn to have faith in their hearts desire that I like paying for electricity and gas (CNG) filling them to stand in line to get rid of pain. Perhaps these ‘Exposed’ responsibility to the heart of Sweden’s famous car manufacturer saying is that cars gas station to refuel who will not need to take.

You must be thinking that how the car will be filled with CNG or petrol. The fuel in the fuel tank is near the end of the car via smartphone, mobile fuel supplier, to send the message. In response to the message of a company that provides fuel to the car arrived. Vehicle crew member messages sent with the help of code to open the car’s fuel tank caps and fuel fills. It’s like driving a car by fuel will be quite unconcerned.
About the Project Head of Technology at the Swedish company byndrk class Talking to the media, said, ” The growing use of smartphones is the new pondered. Its scope has now been extended to the automotive industry. This technology relationship between car and driver is giving new direction. ”

Byndrk classes according to their own cars for company internet technology is innovative application experiences. The company had a system test is successful driver through the parcel courier firm will receive in the home or office. This service is particularly useful for those employees who limits his office is not allowed to receive private parcels.

This feature of the Swedish company that has been in some cars, the driver parked the car outside the house to remove snow on the wind screen can enable de-icer. When they reached the car will go out when the wind screen will become ice-free. Similarly, thanks to an innovative system-wide car parked car in the parking lot playing the horn and turn off the lights burn will be able to attract drivers.

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