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Exclusive Sana Faisal host Black Mailing

Exclusive Sana Faisal host Black Mailing Viral Video
شاہد مسعود کا پروگرام بند کرنے والا پیمرا ابتک نیوز کی خفیہ اینکر ثناء کی ان گھٹیا حرکتوں پر خاموش،لوگوں کے ساتھ یہ سب کرنے کا حق کونسا قانون دیتا ہے ویڈیو دیکھیں
Youth always keep on looking for guidance, it searches for teachers and guides who can tell them that making efforts in so and so way will bring success for them or will help them in making their life easy. All kind of people in this world live, some are bad and some are good and when youth face counter with bad people it suffers.

When youth is encountered with bad people, and they use them in wrong tasks or crimes as front end workers. When these young people suffer such problems which become difficult for them to share with their elders then all these young people become depressed and frustrated with the sufferings of this life.

Drug sellers keep their eye on such frustrated youth and keep on advising them that using the drug will make them feel relax, drugs will produce in their mind such chemicals which will help them in taking sleep and sleeping pills are also used by the people to reduce their tensions and burdens and to have a sleep on time.

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