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Exclusive Footage Dark side & Disadvantages of Co-Education Must Watch

Exclusive Footage Dark side & Disadvantages of Co-Education Must Watch

CO educational blessing or a curse? This debate remains alive all the times, but unfortunately we never have a conclusion. Every other day is uploaded something controversial video that social media stir and leaves many questions about overall mentality of our people.

Exclusive Footage Dark side & Disavantages of Co-Education Must Watch

Most of the time, these videos are about scandals of celebrities, girlfriends, etc. However, the recent video that has shaken the country from a university run co education system. It shows how a college ragging completed in the end of life. Yes, it happened in a local college where freshmen were deceived and humiliated.

Although, everything was in good spirits, but are one of the students took it to heart. She was so emotionally disturbed that she committed suicide. Here we present you an exclusive footage of this College ragging.

This was actually an investigative journalism for a program on advantages and disadvantages of co-produced educational newspaper report. The armature has the issue and took him in the headlines. They interviewed not only the victims friends, but also those who, that ragging session ran. Parents and teachers were also involved in this debate and all participants agreed that these should be banned forever ragging.

Although there were some people opposed to this demand, but the majority of people, raising his voice against this tradition. Ragging was declared inhuman and authorities have been asked to take action against those who take tease educational institutions in this co the new entrants. However, the other side of the story that this ragging was launched with the purpose of Junior obedient and respectful to their seniors. There is no harm in this tradition if everything remains in some limits.

The best way is to enable college disciplinary committees to keep an eye on their students. It is high time to put a point to such meaningless activities, so that no one’s life in this co education system falls victim.

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