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Elephant massage at Thailand beach

Elephant massage at Thailand beach
لڑکی بیچ پر سو رہی تھی اچانک ہاتھی آ گئے پھر اس لڑکی کا کیا حال کیا دل دہلا دینے والی ویڈیو دیکھیں

Amazing massage by elephant is made at beach. It was very wonderful experience of some tourists and they also wanted to go through from that. Actually it was Thailand where elephants are involved to massage of their owner’s customers. Thailand is the place where tourists go to enjoy weather and natural beauty. People have their business regarding massage center by using elephants.

Elephant massage at Thailand beach

There were foreigners there who were watching all this practice and they were worried first when they saw elephant over beautiful woman. Firstly they took it as there was going to bad thing with the lady but they were amazed to see the next process. They saw as that lady was getting enjoyment when elephant was pressing her softly.

Actually it was not the single elephant as there were about three elephants who took part in massage. First one started to massage at upper portion of human like head and shoulders, and the second one was used for middle portion and third for the last portion. It was very amazing experience by European tourists.

After seeing the whole massage they decided to put themselves before elephants. One of them got ready for sacrifice and laid down before elephant. It was his first experience and he was very nervous even it was also asked as there would nothing happen to him. Although he was little frightened as what happened when such a heavy animal would on him.

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