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Eid Day UAE Road Accident Qurbani camel Died

Eid Day UAE Road Accident Qurbani camel Died
عید کے دن سعودیہ، ابوظہبی روڈ پر ٹرک اور اونٹھوں کا ہولناک حادثہ، 7 اونٹ اور کئی آدمی ہلاک، ہولناک ایکسیڈنٹ کی ویڈیو دیکھیں

A lot of Arab citizens have amused once again watching the camel wrestling competition in UAE. The sport was stopped in all parts of gulf after some animal right organizations had set a protest letter to Sheikh Zayed. However, these games have started once again away from the eye of government.


The Camel wrestling competition was stopped in UAE on realization of pain the animals were suffering. The sport was giving a lot of amusement and wealth to the Arab citizens. On the other hand, the sport was equally painful for the innocent animals. Several times animals have lost their lives in such games. Several animals became imparted for life.

Looking at such things, the UAE government had levied a ban on camel wrestling since 1994. It was later; some Arab citizens started these games in shelter of camel racing. The government has only allowed the citizens for camel racing anywhere in several states. However, some have started taking wring benefit of the permission of racing.

It was until 2006 when the government of UAE came to know that the inhuman sport of Camel wrestling was continued in Desert. Several Arab citizens involved in arrangement of festival were arrested by the government. A large number of animals were also taken into custody.

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