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Eid day public anger on Mafti Qawi

Eid day public anger on Mafti Qawi
قندیل بلوچ کیساتھ سیلفیاں بنوانے پر مفتی عبدالقوی کے ستارے گردش میں۔۔۔۔ ملتان میں نماز عید کے بعد شہریوں نے ان کے ساتھ کیا کیا؟

Qandeel Balcoh is the name one of female who does not exist in such celebrities who have appeared in Dramas, movies and morning shows but she still has her following. Actually Qandeel Baloch on and off remain touch with her followers using social media. She never forgets to her followers and remains busy to them by her jokes.

Eid day public anger on Mafti Qawi

Having overview of Qandeel Baloch, it is named as Kim Kardashian-type picture in the social media who always want to be in touch with her tireless self-promotion including suggestive posted selfies on social media. She also has been amassed of thousands of followers on different social media channels. She always keeps on sharing with all of followers so that she can be in yellow journalism.

It was Qandeel Baloch who dared to send a message regarding Valentine’s Day to President of Pakistan. She totally defied the message of country’s President and also sent a message as they cannot stop people to make love otherwise they have authority to stop them going out. It was declared by her in the video of facebook. She also added as it was disgusting and idiotic approach by the politicians.

Talking about our new generation, they have gone in deep problem in reality with the arrival of latest technologies. It has done especially with Pakistani nation and with some other Asian nation most probably. Their confusing time is going one and they do not know what to do. With the massive surge in sailing smartphones, it has increased at top level.

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